Pimple Patch 101: The Do's and Don'ts of Pimple Patches

Claudia Christin Jul 19 2021


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What is it made from? 

Pimple patches are made of a hydrocolloid material. This hydrocolloid material is nothing new, especially in the medical field. They are commonly used to help heal post-surgical wounds by speeding up the healing process. From their amazing benefits in healing wounds, the beauty industry adapts and creates small-sized patches made from the same materials to help speed up the acne healing process.


How does it work?

Hydrocolloids have water-absorbing properties that can absorb the excess pus from your pimple. With the same properties, it helps prevent further infection and create moisture and physical barriers that support the healing process. When your pimple heals faster, you are less likely to form any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


In summary, these pimple patches work in three main basic functions:

• Absorb excess moisture from your pimple

• Prevent infection

• Serve as a moisture barrier to speed up recovery and prevent the formation of acne scars


When should you use a pimple patch and how to use it?

Hydrocolloid acne pimple patches are created for the end-stage of your inflammatory pimple, where you can observe the yellow pus (pustules) at the end of your pimple. This means that the inflammatory process has subsided, and it only leaves you with the remaining debris and pus. 


Sooner or later, the top layer of your skin will eventually break, and people usually refer to this as a pimple “pop”. Reinfection causes more inflammation and indirectly increases the chance of scarring/hyperpigmentation. That’s why a pimple patch will help you cover it up, absorb the excess pus and protect them from the invasion of other acne-causing bacteria.


You can also put your hydrocolloid pimple patches on your whiteheads. It will help absorb excess sebum trapped under a pile of dead skin cells, although it is not an effective way to get rid of them since whiteheads most often come in clusters in larger areas that acne patches can’t cover.


Some common mistakes to avoid while using pimple patches


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Here are some of the most common mistakes that people often encounter while using pimple patches making them less effective. 


  1. 1. Not cleansing and dry your face well before using

Excess sebum and moisture affect the absorption of your pimple patches. Make sure to cleanse and dry your skin well before applying them to your pimple.


  1. 2. Applied it on the end-step of your skincare routine

Some of you may have used the pimple patches incorrectly and cover them on the final step of your skincare routine. This method is not ideal since the pimple patches will absorb the moisture that came from your skincare routine instead of the pus that needs to be taken out from the pimple. Use them on the first step of your skincare routine on dry skin. 


  1. 3. Use dirty/oily fingers to take off the pimple patches

Don’t use oily or dirty fingers to take off the pimple patches. The oil from your fingers may transfer to the edges of the patches that in the end affect the adhesion of your pimple patches on your skin.


  1. 4. Use it on the early stage of your pimple 

This way you can actually prevent yourself from picking the pimple, but thinking about the cost-effectiveness and benefit, it is not ideal to use a pimple patches early on the beginning stage of your pimple when it is still actively inflamed, red and painful. Wait until the inflammation subsides and there is a significant amount of pus that resurface into the top, which makes it the perfect time to apply your patches!


  1. 5. Expect it to be a long-term solution

Yes, pimple patches are not providing a solution to the main root cause of your acne. It may provide a temporary solution for your pimple, but it won’t prevent a new one from forming in the future. That’s why it is not wise to rely on the pimple patches alone as a treatment for your pimple in long term. You have to combine it with the use of acne-fighting ingredients on another routine to help with the overall acne control in the future.


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